Book #4 from the series: H.E.A.T.

A Lick Of Heat

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“You’re close to breaking, Lara.”

Words Detective Lara Keen never thought she’d hear spoken aloud. Let alone have them spoken to her by the Department shrink in his official capacity as her psychologist.

Things start to unravel not long afterwards. 

The H.E.A.T. arsonist is still at large. Carole Michaels, Lara’s boyfriend’s sister, is still missing. And a shadowed figure dressed in a familiar fedora hat and trench coat keeps popping up when she least expects it. If that isn’t bad enough, CIB still has a traitor in its midst and Lara’s determined to find out once and for all who it is.

But the enemy is not what he seems, and his reach is very far indeed.

With copycat crimes and explosive criminal acts mounting all around the city, Lara sets out to end the mayhem one way or another.

The clock is ticking.

People are dying.

Auckland City is set to burn.

Can Lara stop a madman before she loses everything? Or will the arsonist have the last word?

A sexy, sizzling crime-thriller sure to add a lick of heat to your night.

Praise for this book

Once again this talented author has written a mesmerizing story. Action-packed with surprising twists and turns. Filled with imperfect people struggling to live to the best of their ability. Very detailed story that draws you in and you are part of the action. Ms Claire is gifted with the ability to write about seriously flawed people, and have us come to understand them and root for them. This is not light fluff- it is non- stop action and character development.