Book #2 from the series: The Sector Fleet

Apparent Brightness

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“Please do not be alarmed. This is for your own protection.”

Working as the Chief Engineer onboard the ESAS Chariot out of Europe, Commander Camille Rey expected her position to be somewhat challenging on occasion.

She did not expect to be fighting for her and her fellow crewmen’s lives immediately after take-off.

Teaming up with the very proper, and very English Captain Noah Vaughan to combat a desperate saboteur onboard their vessel, Camille discovers that not all the malfunctions the Chariot is experiencing are human-related.

Secrets and desires are exposed amongst the stars and plasma fire, but can the captain and the chief overcome their cultural differences?

And can any of them hope to survive the treacherous voyage to New Earth unscathed?

When humanity reaches for the stars in a race for survival, only the most daring amongst them will succeed.

Praise for this book

Intense and hot! Love this author! Lots action and suspense. Great character building. The story draws you right in and holds you until the last page. Great leading women character , great chemistry and great love scenes from the main characters. You won’t be disappointed. The details are amazing. Can’t wait for more from this author!