Book #3 from the series: Blood Enchanted

Blood Enthralled

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One bite. One drop. Two hearts. Two souls.

Éliane Durand is entwined with a Prince of Mhachkay; something she didn’t even know was possible until recently. But that’s not all that has the daughter of the Champion worried. Her brother is still missing. Her father’s spymaster along with him. And something has corrupted the Light Fey. A moment to catch her breath would have been nice, but the instant she steps foot back on Earth from Faerie all hell breaks loose.

With a side order of megalomania and a liberal coating of familial dysfunction.

Armed with a sword, two silver stakes, and a take-no-prisoners attitude, Ellie faces her greatest battle to date. But if she doesn’t hurry and reach her twin brother first, Lucien’s life could be forfeit. The clock is ticking, and the Dark is rising. But there is more at play here than even Ellie realises.

And now two swords.

Ellie, though, is not alone. And as the ultimate confrontation draws nearer, she finally realises just what it means to be enchanted. 

Her blood. Her life. Her upbringing.

All of it has led to this moment. But can Ellie pull off the impossible and save all those she loves? Or is there a price to pay for being Blood Enchanted?

Praise for this book

Another enthralling fantasy by a true wordsmith! Nicola Claire, from ‘over the ditch’ as we Aussies love to say, is one of my favourite authors. She weaves engaging characters into coherent plots with complex & imaginative settings. Thanks again to this author.