Book #2 from the series: The Citizen Saga


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Have you been a model Citizen today?
Lena Carr is a Citizen who does not exist. Being invisible can have its advantages, but not when the Chief Overseer knows what your alias is. She can no longer use the gift her father left her.
But she also can’t walk the streets as the Elite she was born to be...
The Cardinals are closing in, and one in particular has Selena in his sights. With revolution on the Citizen’s minds and hope in the form of a rebellious Elite exhibiting non-model behaviour, the Overseers crack down on dissension. Causing chaos on the streets and blood to flow.
For his “Zebra” Trent Masters would do anything. Risk his life. Face the increasingly sentient drones head-on. Kill. But there’s one thing he will never do - jeopardise the rebellion. Funny thing about love though, sometimes it can make liars of us all.
But that’s not his only dilemma. Selena’s up to something, and if Trent knows his Elite, he’s sure it’s going to be reckless. Throw in a manipulative benefactor and a decimated revolutionary base and Trent can’t tell which way holds more danger. But the Cardinal, hell-bent on his destruction, sure looks like he’s in the lead.
Citizen versus Cardinal. The battle has begun.

Praise for this book

Nicola Claire definitely has a knack for keeping the story rolling at a steady pace, while managing to include all of the conversations and private moments that make this so much more than just characters being bounced around in a world of action. The storyline pulled me in, bt the two main characters have kept me absorbed. I enjoyed the first book, I've loved this second book... I can't wait to get my hands on the third instalment, I bet Lena and Trent have a ton of tricks up their sleeves.