Book #3 from the series: The Citizen Saga


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Have you been a model Citizen today?
The destruction of the Chief Overseers’ Palace was meant to bring about a change. But the streets of Wánměi are just as dangerous and just as falsely perfect as they ever were. Lena Carr, now a confirmed member of the revolution, hides in the shadows of the city-state she adores and works hard to undermine those in a position of authority.
But there are secrets among the Overseers…
The leaders of Wánměi would have you believe that the nation is model. That Wánměi provides all that you need. And many do still believe it. Battling propaganda and brainwashing becomes more insurmountable for the rebels each day.
But one person will never give up on a free Wánměi. Trent Masters has led the rebel army through some tough times, but now he faces the biggest battle of all. Convincing the Citizens of his beloved nation that there is more beyond the invisible, yet impenetrable, walls of Wánměi.
And to do that he needs Lena. Because without the Elite who has captured his heart, as easily as she moves across the rooftops of the city in the dead of a storm-shrouded night, he won’t find the key that unlocks it all. But what that key unlocks will be the biggest shock of them all.
Citizen versus Citizen. The battle ends now!

Praise for this book

This is one of the most heart stopping, adrenaline pumping sagas I have ever read! You will fall in love with the characters from the first chapter of the first book. Favorite genre doesn't matter. From romance, suspense, scifi, fantasy, mystery and thriller, this author has a way with twists and turns that will keep a person so engrossed that you will not stop reading until the very end of the last book.