Book #11 from the series: Kindred


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“I wanted to tell him I loved him. I wanted to touch his cheek, tip his lips down to mine. I wanted to look in those beautiful blue eyes and see my love reflected back at me. But I knew it was all a lie.”

Time heals all things, they say, but it can also wear them down. Even if time, to an immortal, is but a fleeting thought. Faced with an eternity of wear, Lucinda Monk, vampire hunter by birth, confronts the hardest challenge of her everlasting life.

A marriage that has been worn down by time.

Such a simple thing, and yet, the Prophesied never once thought her relationship with the most powerful vampire alive would become mundane. That was for Norms. Not them. Not the golden couple of the Iunctio Council.

But life has a way of throwing curveballs at you, and Lucinda must don her catcher’s mitt once again, or risk losing everything she loves.

This time, though, she has allies and power, and decades of experience walking the treacherous halls of the political arena that is a supernatural life. Just as well, because nothing is as it seems, and soon Luce discovers a mystery with far-reaching consequences, and the possibility of devastation on a scale never before seen.

But she has allies and enough power to face off against anything . . . doesn’t she?

Praise for this book

Amazing! Nicola Claire does it again. Transported back into the kindred world with every page turned. You just have to keep reading as the story unfolds. Bringing many of the much loved characters back with a catch-up with what has been happening in their lives. Can’t wait for the next instalment.