Book #7 from the series: Kindred

Entwined With The Dark

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“What was wrong with me to antagonise a vampire of his standing to such a degree? I knew I had become too rebellious, too sure of my own place in this world. I was aware that Dark had been encroaching, that I played so often in its shadow I was losing sight of the sun, of my Light. There were times when I truly felt consumed in anger, for all that had happened, for all that I had suffered and lost.”
Leaving Auckland and moving to London, Lucinda has to learn new rules and assimilate into a new life she has no love for. Rebelling against everything that just doesn’t seem fair, Lucinda upsets not only the new Master of the City, but the local shape shifter pack as well. Not to mention her fairy liaison and the Iunctio itself. 
Vampires demand her attention and covet her power. Fairies demand her compliance and seek revenge. And the shape shifters; it’s any one’s guess what they want, but Lucinda is sure that she’s registered on their radar, whatever their radar is set to detect. 
A dreary, Gothic, monstrosity of a house, a Nosferatin partner whose scared of the dark, too many rules and too many obligations and things are beginning to fall apart. But, Lucinda is a fighter and fighting for the innocents in her city is not all that she is determined to do. She’ll fight for her freedom and for the Light - even as she slowly realises just how far she is already entwined with the Dark.

Praise for this book

This series is hands down, one of my favorites. Lucinda is strong and courageous, even when all hope seems to be gone. Michel is sweet, and powerful, and completely dedicated to her. I think I even like his vampyre/dragon side as much as the man. The characters, even those that are in the background, are well written and special. I would definitely recommend the whole series to anyone who love vampire and supernatural stories.