Book #13 from the series: Kindred


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“You are my most magnificent obsession, Lucinda. My treasure. My saviour. My heart. I care not if the Bond chooses to remind me of this fact. I wish never to lose that knowledge again. It is a small sacrifice to have it work its wonder.”

After battling possessed shapeshifters and reanimated corpses, Lucinda Monk-Durand thought she could handle anything thrown at her by the Old Gods.

After all, she’s a vampire hunter by birth and Kindred to the Champion of the Iunctio.

But Apep, God of the Underworld, is not finished using her in his eternal war against Ra. And he has allies that are capable of such horrors.

As a new group of supernaturals moves into Auckland City, storm clouds gather overhead, blocking out the Light. Earthquakes abound as a snake is seen slithering through the shadows. And something so very precious is stolen from our girl.

Evernight is here, and it brings with it Luce’s worst nightmare. She’s only just got him back, and now the Lord of Chaos has struck a blow to her heart.

But Luce has gods-given gifts and has just received another. These paranormals don’t know what’s about to hit them ... if only she can trust the gifts, of course.

Praise for this book

Another Winner! Another heart-stopping adventure in the Kindred world! Another amazingly written journey for Lucinda and Michel and all their family. What else can happen? Can't wait for the next book! As always Nicola, your fans want more!