Book #1 from the series: Fey Touched

Fey Touched: Season One

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To survive, she must become one of them. To thrive, she must become the best.

The walls of Dökkálfa have ears.

They have ears and they whisper. And what they have to say can be chilling, but not all fairies hear them. Only those blessed by the Old Gods.

And the one they call Skilja. Separate.

Kara Middleton wasn’t always a fairy. Heck, even now, she couldn’t be called completely Fey. Because the Queen of Ljósálfar made her what she is and what she is…is frightening.

A monster.

But there is one fairy who is not afraid of Kara and the devastating power she wields as if her very own. For he, too, hears the whispers of the castle walls.

And what they tell him is intriguing.

But everyone knows, you should never catch the eye of a fairy.

Especially if the fairy is the Dökkálfa King.


FEY TOUCHED: SEASON ONE was originally published on Patreon as an episodic series. This sought-after tale in the KINDRED UNIVERSE is now available for anyone to read in book format. A full-length novel of approximately 65,000 words, this is the first of many seasons in this new spin-off series to the much-loved KINDRED/MIXED BLESSING MYSTERY WORLDS. 



Praise for this book

Loved Kara. She's tough, smart, and just keeps...on...going. The other characters were also interesting, and memorable. I enjoyed them all. The plot was interesting and we'll paced. Nicola does intrigue very well.