Book #3 from the series: Fey Touched

Fey Touched: Season Three

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To survive, she must become one of them. To thrive, she must become the best.

Games are afoot in the High Court Realm of Dökkálfa. The type of games a girl from Earth can get soundly beaten playing. Fairies, though, don’t play fair at all, it seems.

But Kara Middleton, former human, now something else entirely not even the Dark Fey are in agreement about, has learned a thing or two since she was stolen from her world and brought to Faerie.

  1. Ask no questions.
  2. Tell no lies.
  3. Give no thanks.
  4. Never trust a fairy.

Rules to live by. Rules Dökkálfa’s Champion has taken to heart. Rules that allow her to live amongst, and stand up to, the power-hungry magic-wielding fairies of Dökkálfa.

Just as well, because Kara is going to need some rules in the games the Upper Court are playing.  And Dökkálfa is going to need Kara.

Because the Ljósálfar are coming and they play by nobody’s rules, not even their own.

Praise for this book

Excellent Read! I couldn’t stop once I began it. Who knew Kara was such a strong, beautiful character? Nicola knocked another one out of the park. Can’t wait to read the next book!