Book #3 from the series: Lost Time

Finding Time

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“Time works within a precise set of rules. There are consequences to every single thing we do when surfing its waves. So, in order to protect Time, we must operate within those rules. And one of Time’s rules is that people should not be allowed to live out of their own time. Ever.”

Out of time Novitiate at the Royal Academy of Time Surgeons, Mimi Wylde has just one thing on her mind. To save her family from the machinations of Sergei Ivanov.

But Time is never that linear.

Her family is not really her family. And the Russian is not all that threatens RATS. Parliament is meddling in the Academy, and when the Prime Minister sends in overseers to commercialise time travel, Time itself reacts.

But can Mimi, Jack and their friends fight Sergei, the government, and Time all at once? Or will they run out of time before the battle ends?

Time once lost is never found again. But not according to those brave souls who surf Time’s waves at RATS.

The race is on for Mimi and Jack, but who will win the ultimate prize is far from certain.

Praise for this book

Excuse me while I shake the stupor off my brain after finishing Finding Time. I mean, WOW!!! Nicola Claire has well and truly socked me in the brain with a fantastic read.