Book #1 from the series: The Involition Curses

Fool For The Devil

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“We are all fools for the devil, Catalin. We play by her rules and no other’s.”

Obey The Involition.

The first and only rule that matters. Every witch, werewolf, or vampire knows this. Every creature of the night is aware of what befalls those who rebel against the ruling body of magic wielders.

Nobody rebels. Nobody can.

The All-Mother is too powerful and the curses that bind them are too strong. Free will is a myth. The Involition is all there is.

Until her.

Catalin Aguirre is in the Special Operations Group of Interpol’s local NCB branch. She’s good at what she does.

It’s kind of spooky how good she is.

An ordinary girl. A dedicated Interpol operative. Her life is normal, mundane, and uneventful.

Until it isn’t.

Praise for this book

OMG! I am so hooked on this series! I am amazed and in awe of your imagination and your writing prowess! Wonderful book - I can’t WAIT until the second installment is released! Thank you!