Book #3 from the series: Scarlet Suffragette


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Nicola Claire’s captivating new Gothic romance series concludes with a dark and sinister Auckland City at the end of the nineteenth century - brightened by a fearless and talented heroine and a loyal and secretive police inspector...

Qualified physician? A menace to society? The next Chief Surgeon?

Returning to life in the Antipodes has not gone quite as expected for Dr Anna Cassidy; an axe hangs over her head. With no sign of her nemesis in Auckland City, Anna finds herself holding her breath.

But a gruesome surprise awaiting her in her home surgery one morning changes all of that.

Puppet policeman? Blind protector? Steadfast husband?

For Inspector Andrew Kelly, however, the subsequent murders are very personal indeed. As a ghost from his past haunts his present and threatens his future, he must first find the truth amongst the lies before he can end his misery.

But this killer wants their pound of flesh.

When the bodies pile up, and the heartless are identified, can Andrew protect the one woman he loves? Or will the murderer have the last laugh and crush his heart forever?

A gritty, twisted, and authentic Victorian romantic suspense, sure to rip you apart... just like old Jack.

Praise for this book

A great conclusion! A satisfying and well-earned conclusion to Anna and Andrew's journey! Well-crafted mystery and suspense had you turning the pages. Historical romance that is unique. Earthy. Gritty. The story arch and emotional development carries through each book of the series. You will want to read all three books for your happily ever after.