Book #1 from the series: Standalone Titles

In Sheets of Rain

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How long would you keep fighting for something that keeps tearing you apart?

Emergency services worker Kylee Dunn has a life that looks perfect on the surface. A caring husband. A beautiful home. A large group of friends. And a job that feels more like a brotherhood than a workplace.

But scratch a little deeper and the truth starts to spill out. 

Nightmares that never end. Responsibilities that seem reasonable but are anything but. And a heart and mind so abused by their experiences that Kylee can barely recognise the woman she’s become.

And then hope appears in the form of a complete stranger, who starts to slowly put Kylee back together again.

Praise for this book

Maybe the best yet! Nicola has an amazing ability to both entertain and elicit emotions from her readers. This book is my favorite. I'm still wiping away the tears!