Book #8 from the series: Kindred

Kiss Of The Dragon

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“You do realise,” he whispered, his hand reaching up to brush my hair from my face. He began twining a strand around one of his fingers. “That you are my most magnificent obsession.” Magnificent obsession. I think I liked that. I certainly understood it. He was mine too.
Confronted with yet another curve ball, Lucinda finds herself in Álfheimr at the mercy of the Dökkálfa. And the Fey have unusual rules, rules which even the Dark Fairies like to stretch. Throwing herself into the political machinations of her hosts, Lucinda must negotiate her release. But what could the Dökkálfa monarch want that would mean Lucinda’s freedom? 
Never one to have the patience for politics, Lucinda must adapt to new environments and new challenges, not just from the Fairies, but from all sides now. An old enemy rises to do more harm than good, forcing Lucinda to confront depths of loss she thought long buried. Struggling with her physical well-being, battling a political world that is now her home, and working against a powerful, devious and underhand enemy, Lucinda must draw on all her Light to succeed. However she is not alone. She is watched over by the spirit of a dragon. But everyone knows, the kiss of the dragon is as lethal as its flame.

Praise for this book

Wow! An amazing series. A must-read for all PNR and UF fans. This is one of my all-time favourites and I still don't understand why Nicola Claire is not better known, in my opinion her books are just as good as, if not better than other great authors such as Patricia Briggs, Chloé Neill, Ilona Andrews and J. R. Ward.