Book #1 from the series: Lost Time

Losing Time

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Nicola Claire’s captivating new time travel romance series introduces an exciting and adventurous world, set in multiple times and multiple places, packed full of sizzling action and heart-racing escapades, where time once lost can never be found again.

“That is what we do, Miss Wylde. We mend Time. Catch it. Stitch it. Make it. We’re Surgeons of Time. And you’re about to go where no layperson has ever gone before. So trust me, when I say I am responsible for you. And believe me, when I say your presence alone could fracture or restore Time.”

Mourning the loss of her parents, Mimi Wylde embarks on a holiday of a lifetime with her twin sister. But when breaking the rules ends up shattering her understanding of the world around her, Mimi has to draw on more courage than her nickname, Mouse, would attest to. Losing everything she holds dear and challenging all that she believes to be true, Mimi faces up to a future that is tangled in a past too frightening to comprehend.

At the Royal Academy of Time Surgeons, things happen for a reason, even in their dreams. There are consequences to surfing time waves. So when Dr Jack Evans inadvertently picks up a woman from the past, he knows immediately that Time has been tampered with. It doesn’t help that he’s been dreaming of the girl even before she arrives, and when she does, she proves to be everything he’d hoped for.

Time changes in the blink of an eye, and as Mimi and Jack chase down history, trying desperately to stop catastrophic oncoming events, they both start realising that dreams are always meant come true. Even the nightmares.

Praise for this book

I loved everything about this book, from start to finish. Nicola Claire once again drew me in with her flawless attention to detail and fantastic world building.