Book #4 from the series: The Citizen Saga


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Freedom has a price tag…
It was never going to be easy, but Trent Masters had thought, when Wánměi gained its freedom, that at the very least the heavy weight of oppression would be lifted. Tyranny can take on many forms, though. Even the unassuming shape of a new President who was once a revolutionary.
But although Lee Tan is in charge, he’s not quite in control…
Sabotage and terrorism have become the new price of freedom, and with them also emerges a brand new caste. The Masked model themselves on saviours, knights in shining armour, but are they saints or sinners? And where have they come from?
Former Elite, Lena Carr, however, has more than just the piece-by-piece destruction of her recovering nation to contend with. The ghosts of her past have come back to haunt her, dragging her down into a dark abyss. She needs her rebel leader to ground her. She needs the man she has fallen for to stand at her side. To never leave her.
But the price they all must pay is very steep.
Citizen versus Masked. The battle continues…

Praise for this book

With its mix of action and romance, Masked was a real page turner for me and a great addition to the series. There were plenty of twists and turns that kept me guessing and I enjoyed the way Nicola Claire continued the Saga after the first three books. I loved the romance between Lena and Trent, they had a great emotional connection and were so well matched. I look forward to the fifth and final book in the series.