Book #1 from the series: Mixed Blessing Mystery

Mixed Blessing

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‘His whole body jerked against mine, his arms tightened and a low growl mixed with a decidedly sexy moan came from the back of his throat. I could tell he was having an instant response to my biting him, I could feel exactly where his mind had taken the moment to. I gasped at his reaction, thinking this was having way more of an effect on him than me. And then the taste of his blood hit my tongue.’
Working as a bartender at the most popular club in town, dating a handsome, sexy and ever so slightly mysterious Englishman, Georgia thought her life was finally going somewhere. Then one night a rogue vampire caught her unaware, introducing her to a night time life she never knew existed. 
Trusting no one and finding it hard to forgive the one man who could have warned her, but didn’t, Georgia fights to retain her humanity. All the while fighting her attraction for the one who let her down. But with some hard and fast rules, an iron will and determination, plus abilities that make her a commodity to any who traverse the night time world, Georgia must find a way to remain true to herself and not give in to the seduction of the Dark. 
But the Dark is so appealing and her vampire-within so strong. Can Georgia resist temptation, in all its glorious guises and still be true to her Light-filled side? As she’d say, this really sucks!

Praise for this book

It is so much more than 'just' another vampire story. It is a transitional story and quite a reluctant one. Also a story of having to start new connections, with everything and everyone. Even those you've known for a long time. How trust lost is more difficult to rebuild than new trust is gained. I can keep going with this, but I won't, it is sufficient to say that the book is exciting and superbly written. So much so, it impressed a non-lover of the genre enough to hand out five stars!