Book #3 from the series: Mixed Blessing Mystery

Rogue Vampire

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“Six weeks of utter hell had led to this. Six weeks of chasing breadcrumbs across Ljósálfar and finding nothing. Six weeks of popping in and out of Fey portals, covered in the scent of new season peaches, hungry, exhausted, desperate. Six weeks of finding Isoleth’s spies for Sofiq and meeting the terms of my agreement with Aliath… and not finding Kara. Six weeks.”

The Valkyries are riding, and Odin has woken up. War is brewing in Álfheimr, and it’s spilling over onto Earth. As if that isn’t bad enough, the Queen of the Light Fey thinks Georgia killed her only son. And revenge for a fairy is personal.

But facing off against Isoleth’s monsters isn’t the worst of Georgia’s troubles; she’s been trying to hunt down her best friend for what feels like forever without any luck. But luck is for the weak and Georgia could never be called that. Her vampire-within is old and powerful... and has just woken up.

And the Dark Shadow remembers.

Death stalks Auckland’s Nothus, and if she doesn’t get a handle on her vampire-within soon, someone else will do it for her. And his idea of dealing with a problem vampire is to call on the power of the city and turn her into dust.

As she’d say... my life sucks.

Praise for this book

Wow! This book was thrilling. I love all the action and especially GIGi. She is one special heroine. Couldn’t put it down. You won’t be sorry if you read it.