Book #14 from the series: Kindred

Silent Bite Deadly Night

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Ever wondered how the Norm War started? Now’s your chance to find out. This Christmas Special Novella (approx. 23,000 words) from Michel’s POV is set between DREAMING OF A BLOOD RED CHRISTMAS and DARKLIGHT. A sweet surprise full of a few Kindred secrets, wrapped up in a Michel package, just in time for Christmas.

“Lucinda smiles that soft smile of hers, the one that tells me she has a secret. I would die a thousand Final Deaths to know all of her secrets. I have caused a thousand more to keep them secret for her. I had not realised that love could be so beautifully brutal until I met Lucinda. I had not realised a vampyre could love to such a degree at all.”

It’s Christmas and something is troubling Michel Durand. His Kindred cannot feel it. His line of master vampires do not sense it. The Iunctio Council is blind to its draw. But Michel knows something dark and dangerous is approaching.

And then the Norms — the humans — start a war.

In this quick glimpse into the Kindred World, we see Michel as we’ve always loved him. Powerful. Sexy. Hungry. Masterful. Commanding. Alluring. And in love with the Kindred who stands at his side.

A short story to say thank you from the author of the Kindred Series. Enjoy! And thanks for loving Michel & Luce as much as I do.