Book #2 from the series: Summer O'Dare Mysteries

Sizzling Summer

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When a Heat Wave hits town, a Crime Wave always follows.

Someone is stealing pets in Northland, New Zealand. And Doubtless Bay’s resident kooky, private investigator is put on the case. It’s not what she normally investigates, but in order to pay the bills - and buy more donuts! - Summer O’Dare is willing to take on any job that pays.

Just as well, because the police are too busy investigating something else; something Summer’s ‘Honey Bunny’ - Detective Danvers to those who don’t know him, and Detective Douche to those who do - isn’t telling.

With this many secrets flying around town, you’d think it would be easy for Summer to keep her own counsel.

But add in a ferret-loving goth guy who can see the dead, a real estate agent who scares the beekeepers out of Summer and her friends, and an arch-enemy who has her sights set on Summer’s beachside property, not to mention Summer’s hot date, and secrets start unravelling all over the place.

Just as well she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve. And a penchant for donuts. But can Summer keep them? Her secrets, as well as the donuts. Or will the world finally know Summer O’Dare for the freak of nature she truly is?

A fast-paced cozy mystery set in Northland, New Zealand from Amazon Bestselling Author Nicola Claire.

Praise for this book

Fun Under The Sun! This series is a lot of fun, Summer is a great character! Her adventures are non stop and it always works out in the end despite how she gets there. It has it all, excitement, a fast pace, humor, cute animals, a crazy aunt and romance.