Book #3 from the series: Elemental Awakening

The Chilling Change Of Air

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‘This couldn’t be happening. This was a trick. A cruel ploy to finally break me. They knew I’d weakened. Today the first day I’d let the tears fall and screamed my frustration and despair. They knew they almost had me, so they were pushing the knife in further and twisting the blade. Just to be sure.’ 
Casey Eden knew her life had changed beyond recognition when she woke up one morning covered in dirt. Since then she’s crawled her way through treacherous environments, been pitted against dangerous predatory beings, and survived formidable destructive forces. Only to find herself in the one place she’d feared above all. 
A mad scientist’s laboratory. 
A harrowing world full of heartache and betrayal. 
And a longing for Fire even the chilling change in the Air can’t cool. 
Broken, but not beaten, Casey must fight not only for her survival, but for everything she holds dear. A world growing darker and bleaker every day. And is Casey the answer to it all? Trying to determine just what she is becoming, while desperately clinging to her heart’s desire, Casey must learn to face a future she never would have chosen for herself. But she soon begins to realise, although she’s not alone in this battle, the war itself has only just begun.

Praise for this book

One of the most amazing books, it leaves you wanting more! I wanted to just read it all day. So many twists and turns, what will happen next? Can't wait to read the next book.