Book #5 from the series: Elemental Awakening

The Eternal Edge Of Aether

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For those fans of the Elemental Awakening series who wondered just what Theo got up to in Pyrkagia when Casey was busy growing trees. This one is for you.

“I am Aether’s sword; my blade is sharp and it is precise. I am the eternal edge of Aether and no one and no thing shall be free of my justice.”

The Right of Rule is a fight to the death and Theo Peters has just challenged his father for one. Alone, without his Thisavros for support, he faces the hardest battle of his life.

For although his father may be crazy, he is an Ancient. And Theo’s chances of success are pretty slim. But don’t count the Prince of Pyrkagia out just yet because he has a formidable group of allies.

If only he could trust them.

This novella is set at the closing of The Tantalising Taste of Water and is for those curious readers who have already read the series to its end. A little extra…Just because!

Praise for this book

This was everything I wanted it to be and more!! I'm sad to say goodbye to my favorite couple, but it was amazing to catch up with them one last time. This was definitely a gift to fans of the series - Thank you, Ms. Claire! A 5-star conclusion to an amazing series!