Book #2 from the series: Elemental Awakening

The Soothing Scent Of Earth

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‘Birdsong was the first thing I registered. The sharp caw of a parrot, but there was more than one. And somehow they overlapped to make a beautiful symphony out of what should have been an unmusical sound. I grinned; the feeling of my lips tipping up was foreign. How long had it been since I last smiled?’
Casey Eden has had her life turned upside down and inside out, just when she thought it was going somewhere. Thrust into a new and dangerous world, and not knowing who to trust, Casey has to push herself to be stronger, harder, and better than she has ever been before. To top things off, she’s now battling with her new Elemental powers alone, and living thousands of miles away from home. 
A forest wreathed in power. 
A dangerous world full of predatory beings. 
And a passion for Fire even the soothing scent of Earth can’t calm. 
Faced with a corrupt and rotten group of powerful beings, in an environment which calls to her soul, but lashes out unexpectedly to trip her up, Casey must dig deep to traverse the hurdles before her. But to do that, she has to embrace an old lesson of belief. A lesson her dead grandfather taught her, which now carries an entirely different and ominous meaning. But she soon begins to realise anything is possible when you choose to believe.

Praise for this book

Absolutely amazing. I was just as wrapped in this book as the 1st in the series. I craved being there. Being a part of the story. I felt and loved and hurt. Can't wait for the 3rd installment. You will not be sorry.