Book #4 from the series: Elemental Awakening

The Tantalising Taste Of Water

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The much anticipated heartbreaking conclusion to the Elemental Awakening series...

“Oh, sweet agony. How does it strike with such ease? So ruthlessly. Pain destroys. Just like me. It was what I was good at; hurting things. I hurt Theo with my rejection. I hurt the Nero with my rage. I hurt the world with my inaction. But most of all I hurt me.”

The past few months have been hell of earth for Casey Eden. If it weren’t for her Thisavros, Theo Peters, she’d have given up a long time ago. But when you’ve been chosen by an Elemental god to put things back together, you don’t have the luxury of giving up. In fact, you don’t have much of a say in anything.

But it’s not just Casey’s world that’s been torn asunder.

A lost island.

A damaged caste of people.

And a connection to Fire even the tantalising taste of Water can’t break.

Set adrift on a journey colder and more unforgiving than anything she’s ever faced before, Casey must find the strength to battle not only the imbalance in the Elements but her own dark demons inside. But was the shaman right? Is Casey destined to fight alone? Or can she repair the broken parts of her world…and not lose those she loves in the battle? Casey soon begins to realise, though, that being alone is, in fact, the only place she should be.

Praise for this book

One of the best paranormal series I have read. I literally devoured them all! The characters , the plot, the twists and the romance are just the right concoction to make these books memorable . If you are a fan of paranormal genre, then this series is a must!