Book #5 from the series: The Citizen Saga


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Freedom has a price tag…
Trent Masters had always known he’d do anything to keep his Elite safe. He’d promised he would, and if there is anything the former rebel leader is good at, it’s following through with a promise.
He’d just never realised his promise could bring so much pain…
Wánměi is now free, but it is no longer alone. Allies and enemies encroach from all sides, but staying on the island that once lived behind invisible walls is impossible. In order to keep their freedom, and free those they once discarded, the Citizens of Wánměi must fight.
Lena Carr has learned to roll with the punches, but having almost lost Trent, to the sadistic machinations of an oppressive regime from across the waters, she knows leaving the safe harbour of Wánměi could prove costly.
But just how much is the Elite willing to pay?
Citizen versus Wiped. The battle gets costly! 

Praise for this book

As always, there were lots of twists and turns throughout this story. And SO much is definitely never boring! What made this series, to me, was Lena and Trent. Their romance was truly beautiful, and I loved that they brought out the best in each other.