Book #4 from the series: The Sector Fleet

Zenith Point

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“You can be scared of something, even terrified, and still have the courage to do what’s required. I would not let my fear rule me. I would do what I had to do to put this right.”

As the leaseholder’s daughter, Adriana Price holds a position of importance onboard the AUS Aquila. But not everything is as it seems.

Death and danger have followed her from Old Earth, and Adi soon finds herself facing threats from every which way onboard the spaceship.

Teaming up with the dashing and heroic Captain Hugo Tremblay, Adi finds a strength inside that defies the devastation and horror closing in from all directions.

Courage and chivalry explode like supernovas, but can the civilian and captain truly win against an out of control, lethal artificial intelligence?

And can any of them hope to survive the treacherous voyage to New Earth unscathed?

When humanity reaches for the stars in a race for survival, only the most daring amongst them will succeed.

Praise for this book

What an ending to this amazing series! I was pulled in right from page 1 and was really fascinated by the plot of this story. Of course, the romance between these two complex characters really stands out and makes the book even more engaging. Ms. Claire has created an entire world in this series that is so creative and gripping. Sci-fi normally isn't my thing, but I really connected to all of the characters in these 4 stories. The plots are all fast moving and action-packed with plenty of heartwarming romance. Each book in this series has felt fresh and unique, and this 4th installment is no exception.