Book #1 from the series: The Sector Wars

Absolute Zero

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Introducing the crew of the Harpy: a ragtag group of spacers hauling cargo in the outer rim. Until someone tries to blow them out of the Black.

Alcohol, women, and space, that’s what keeps Captain Kael Jameson going. Plus the crew he’s managed to gather in place of a family.

But when he’s forced to destroy something precious in order to save the ones he loves most, his world is turned upside down in a heartbeat.

Things get bad after that, and he already had a hangover.

Alien hitmen, political intrigue leading to civil war, and a cunning pirate overlord; you’d think it couldn’t get any worse. But it does. When an unidentified enemy enters the known systems and starts picking New Earth’s allies off, one by one, life as we know it falls apart.

Either Kael and his crew beat them. Or get beaten. It’s going to be a close call.

Praise for this book

Excellent Writing! Another great book by Ms Claire. Filled with lots of action and twists and turns. The reader is pulled into the story. Well-done characterizations and depictions of aliens and other worlds. This story is a treat for those of us that love a good well-written story with lots of action.