The Sector Wars

Absolute Zero

Book #1 from the series: The Sector Wars

Introducing the crew of the Harpy: a ragtag group of spacers hauling cargo in the outer rim. Until someone tries to blow them out of the Black.

Alcohol, women, and space, that’s what keeps Captain Kael Jameson going. Plus the crew he’s managed to gather in place of a family.

But when he’s forced to destroy something precious in order to save the...

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Cepheid Variable

Book #2 from the series: The Sector Wars

The crew of the Harpy are back and this time they’re armed for a battle.

Half the known systems want to kill them. The other half wants to be them. It’s hard trying to save the universe when the universe can’t make up its mind.

But when a gap appears in the Belt enticing every known species to peek through to the other side, things go from bad to...

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Roche Limit

Book #3 from the series: The Sector Wars

It’s the last hoorah for the Harpy, but things are looking pretty grim.

With near to a thousand sleek-looking alien battleships massing beyond the Belt, Kael and the crew have a fight on their hands.

But when an opportunity presents itself for an infiltration of the alien space station producing the drones bombing Zenthian planets, Kael dons his...

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