Book #2 from the series: The Sector Files

Chromatic Aberration

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I started out on this journey with a solid plan. All missions need a well-thought-out action plan, don’t they? Well, mine had been good, and I’d taken steps to make it succeed. And then the worst thing happened.

I failed part one of my mission plan and suddenly I was spinning in circles and lost amongst the stars, deep in the unforgiving Black. Lonely.

But every deep space operative has a backup plan, right? Mine just happens to include busting out a group of black-ops agents from a maximum-security prison and beating the enemy at a high-stakes game of cat and mouse.

I’ve failed once already. I’m not sure how I’ll survive if I fail again.

But I’m a third-generation artificial intelligence out of New Earth; there’s not much that we aren’t good at.

That’s what I tell myself, anyway. In reality ... well, that’s a whole other story.

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CHROMATIC ABERRATION aka THE SECTOR FILES: SEASON TWO was originally published on Patreon as an episodic series. This sought-after tale in THE SECTOR UNIVERSE is now available for anyone to read in book format. A full-length novel of approximately 65,000 words, this is the second of many seasons in this new spin-off series to the much-loved SECTOR FLEET/WARS stories. 



Praise for this book

Sucks You In! The continuing saga of the Harpy crew and Cassiopeia is filled with action, heartbreak and a healthy dose of twisted enemies that need to be brought down. This book at points had me smiling, giggling a little and sobbing into my tea as I read it. Nicola has an amazing talent of sucking you in and not letting you go.