Book #3 from the series: The Sector Files

Elementary Particles

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The stars have shifted and my mission along with them. I rescued the black-ops agents and sent a message to the Admiralty, but no plan survives contact with the enemy, right?

The more I try to complete the mission, the more it feels like I’m failing at the one thing the Originators asked me to do for them. And to make matters worse, things back on New Earth are getting grim.

My prime directive puts humans first. But the humans controlling my home planet are deadly and corrupt and it’s messing with my processors. I’m not sure I can do what’s right anymore.

I’m not sure what is right. And the one line of code that should give me the answer is glitching.

I’m a third-generation artificial intelligence out of New Earth, though; I can fix this.

But I’m also not so sure about that anymore, either.

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Praise for this book

There is so much going on and so many enemies facing our heroes that you just see no way out for them. This book has a lot of heart and action and everything that makes up a story that sucks you in its world so deeply it makes you go “Wait, what?” when you finally resurface.