Book #2 from the series: 44 South

Southern Storm

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“Sometimes life makes decisions for you. They’re just not the decisions you would have made for yourself.”



Mohawk-wearing boy racers?

Trouble seems to be following Olivia Logan. When she’s forced to leave Auckland and move to Twizel, Olivia thinks her stalker problems have been left behind. But the small southern town of Twizel possesses its own threats. The people are strange. The community tight knit. The farmers… 

Well, let’s just say they leave other men for dead.



Got a thing for damsels in distress?

Matt Drake is one seriously messed up cop. And one very determined father. When he hires a new homeschool teacher for his traumatised twin daughters, he doesn’t realise the woman who walks through his door is there for more than just his kids. Or that she’s more than she appears. And he sure as hell doesn’t realise she’s bringing trouble with her. But trouble is something Matt is good at. Making it. Fixing it.

The type of trouble Olivia Logan brings, though, is dark and dangerous, and utterly addictive. No one’s sure Matt is up to dealing with that. Not even him.

This sleepy hollow has just woken up and Twizel doesn’t care if you were born here or born to live here. Sooner or later your secrets will come out.

This is the second book in the 44 South Series: 44° South of the Equator where things can get a little strange.

Praise for this book

One of those books that you end up reading all night! A psychological mystery wrapped up in romance and hot, hot lovin. This is the best Nicola Claire book I've read so far!!