44 South

Southern Sunset

Book #1 from the series: 44 South

“I stared out at the majestic vista before me and thought, if God lived anywhere, it’d be here. And then I looked down at the dead body at my feet.”

Quirky townspeople?

There’s something strange about Twizel. Maggie Blackmore didn’t come to this sleepy hollow for a mystery, but she sure as heck found one. Being an Aucklander in the...

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Southern Storm

Book #2 from the series: 44 South

“Sometimes life makes decisions for you. They’re just not the decisions you would have made for yourself.”



Mohawk-wearing boy racers?

Trouble seems to be following Olivia Logan. When she’s forced to leave Auckland and move to Twizel, Olivia thinks her stalker problems have been left behind. But the small southern town of Twizel...

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