Book #5 from the series: Sweet Seduction

Sweet Seduction Shield

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“Marie, I want to be a part of your lives. Not just a satellite. Not just a fading star. I want to be your sun. And I want you to be mine.”
Five years is a long time to hide from your greatest fear and biggest regret. Ask Marie Cox, she should know. She’s developed an icy shield of confidence to ensure no ones sees her hidden angst. But her dangerous and dirty past comes back to haunt her, when everything is torn asunder with the determined and sexy Detective Sergeant Ryan Pierce walking through her door. And he won’t let her get away with anything.
Battling her returning dread, and fighting her instant attraction to a cop with his own demons but a pure heart, Marie faces the biggest challenge of her life. And this time, there’s more at stake than just her survival. A precious five year old secret both Marie and Ryan would give their lives to protect in the end.
Tattooed henchmen on her trail, high speed car chases through inner city streets, gunshots, kidnappings, fierce male bodyguards and even more assertive female friends, Marie has something the bad guys want. But will it be her downfall in the end? Or can her knight in shining armour protect her? And will she let him?
Love at first sight has never been so dangerous and so very delicious at the same time.

Praise for this book

Somehow, this series keeps getting better. Every one of Nicola's Alpha heroes is my favorite, until I read the next book. Ryan is my new BBF.