Sweet Seduction

Sweet Seduction Sacrifice

Book #1 from the series: Sweet Seduction

“I’m going to give you memories to last a lifetime, Genevieve Cain. I promise you that.”

With a loser ex-boyfriend threatening her dream business, Sweet Seduction, Genevieve Cain is forced to go to a lawyer to finalise things once and for all. Gen knows she’s only good for one dream in her lifetime, so when she meets senior partner, Dominic...

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Sweet Seduction Serenade

Book #2 from the series: Sweet Seduction

“One night eight years ago and you ran, angel. One night now and you’re gone again. I won’t let you run this time without giving chase.”
Eight years ago Evangeline Rowe met her ice-blue-eyed, perfect cowboy, but she was running from a past he would have kept her trapped within. One night of unbelievable passion, a lost and consequently...

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Sweet Seduction Shadow

Book #3 from the series: Sweet Seduction

“The moment you entered my world, you set it alight. Until there were no more shadows left to hide in.”
Abi Merchant has been on the run for five long years. Panic and paranoia have been her constant companion. In an effort to survive the tortured memories of her past, she’s had to live within her mind. But five weeks into a new identity...

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Sweet Seduction Surrender

Book #4 from the series: Sweet Seduction

“Don’t for a minute believe I want you any other way, Jason Cain. The second you stop being you, is the moment you should fear most.”
For several months now Katie Anscombe has tried to hide her attraction to Jason Cain. That’s what everyone expects of Katie. And of course, it helps that he basically ignores her too. But something about the...

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Sweet Seduction Shield

Book #5 from the series: Sweet Seduction

“Marie, I want to be a part of your lives. Not just a satellite. Not just a fading star. I want to be your sun. And I want you to be mine.”
Five years is a long time to hide from your greatest fear and biggest regret. Ask Marie Cox, she should know. She’s developed an icy shield of confidence to ensure no ones sees her hidden angst. But...

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Sweet Seduction Sabotage

Book #6 from the series: Sweet Seduction

“I crave to be near you, Kelly. And I have since I first laid eyes on you in Sweet Seduction’s store. I can’t explain it any other way. I was drawn to you, like the gravity of the sun. I didn’t want to fight it, I wanted to, even if only briefly, say it was mine.”
Kelly Quayle has always been a good time girl, finding her thrills wherever...

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Sweet Seduction Stripped

Book #7 from the series: Sweet Seduction

“There are those who become obsessed with what they cannot obtain. Then there are those who already own it, given freely and completely. Guess which one you are.”

Bad guys come in all sorts of guises, sometimes they can be loving and devoted, and take on the appearance of a businessman. Just ask Amber Lane, she should know. She’s been sleeping...

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Sweet Seduction Secrets

Book #8 from the series: Sweet Seduction

“Life is not meant to be easy. It’s a challenge you have to rise to every single day. We’ve all got demons inside us. We’ve all got secrets that could drag us down into an abyss.”
Infiltrating the enemy has never been a problem for Charlie Downes. She’s spent the past ten years pretending to be someone she’s not, all in the name of crown...

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Sweet Seduction Sayonara

Book #9 from the series: Sweet Seduction

This one is straight from the heart and because you asked so nicely. A final look at the guys and gals from Sweet Seduction. A dangerous and delicious short novel all about love at first sight and how it can lead to such beautiful, wonderful, unexpected things. This is Finn’s story, but it’s not just Finn’s story to tell. Because every guy has a...

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