Book #4 from the series: Sweet Seduction

Sweet Seduction Surrender

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“Don’t for a minute believe I want you any other way, Jason Cain. The second you stop being you, is the moment you should fear most.”
For several months now Katie Anscombe has tried to hide her attraction to Jason Cain. That’s what everyone expects of Katie. And of course, it helps that he basically ignores her too. But something about the ex-special forces soldier has caught her attention. And dreams are free, aren’t they?
Forced into a lock-down for forty-eight hours, with no one to come between them and stop the tension from exploding inside her small house, things become volatile. And a volatile Jason Cain is really something to witness. But the closer she gets to Jason, the more it becomes apparent that he’s unlike any other man she has ever met.
A sexy, dominant, but slightly broken soldier. A Pandora’s Box of desire and fervent need opened. Katie and Jason must face up to their fears, in order to embrace what feels right. But with overprotective brothers and an eccentric millionaire art dealer throwing spanners in the works, surrendering to each other isn’t as easy as it sounds. Fighting their attraction has been second nature for too long, so when they finally give in to their base desires, will it be everything Katie dreamed about? And will it last?
Love at first sight has never been so dangerous and so very delicious at the same time.

Praise for this book

Loved Katie! She was everything she promised to be in previous books, and so much more. She was also pretty kick-ass and totally inspired me to want to learn Kombatan. Lol. Picking up this series was truly one of my finer moments (and I'm pretty darn awesome), and I look forward to getting to know more of our Sweet Seduction gang in future books (that go on and on forever! Hehe)