Book #7 from the series: Sweet Seduction

Sweet Seduction Stripped

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“There are those who become obsessed with what they cannot obtain. Then there are those who already own it, given freely and completely. Guess which one you are.”

Bad guys come in all sorts of guises, sometimes they can be loving and devoted, and take on the appearance of a businessman. Just ask Amber Lane, she should know. She’s been sleeping with the enemy for twenty months and only just now found out who exactly Jaxon Harding is.

Thinking her world is crumbling around her, she starts to see danger in every friendly face. Even in the those she has called friend for three years. If you can count an on-line acquaintance a good friend. When she decides to hack her chat-room partner to find out if he could be a member of Jaxon’s team, she opens up a part of her heart she never knew she had already lost. And it hadn’t been lost to her boyfriend.

Eric Shaw knows how easily possession can become obsession, at least his good friend Ben Tamati isn’t above pointing it all out to him. But when his online fantasy becomes a thrilling reality he realises he’d sell his soul to have Amber Lane. But believing the beautiful, intelligent dancer-come-hacker has given him her heart freely is harder to accept.

Bomb threats and sinister dealings, manipulative and powerful men, chases through shadowed nightclubs, building collapses and international cyberstalking. Amber’s world is nothing like she thought it. Can she survive the obsession of one very bad man? Or will she rejoice in being the possession of one very wicked one? Stripping for a living has nothing on baring your heart and soul.

Love at first sight has never been so dangerous and so very delicious at the same time.

Praise for this book

Ok, so the story here was pretty intense. Non-stop from the first page and I didn't want to put it down. I was even sneaking peeks at my kindle at work so I could get a few more pages read. This was such a great and intriguing story! All the Sweet Seduction books are, but I'm thinking this is my favorite by far! Lots of action - both bedroom and blow em up - emotional, funny, sweet, and straight up, a keep you on the edge of your seat till you finish kind of book. I loved every single minute of it!